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Blog Takeover: Welcome Author Ravyn Crescent!

When the Devil comes knocking, a choice must be made.

Ravyn Crescent stopped by to talk about her new novella. Hi Rayven, we can't wait to hear about your story!.


I am honored to have been given this chance to speak to you all about my new novella, Answer It.

First, I’d love to introduce myself. I primarily write horror, supernatural fantasy, and ghost or demon related stories. I’m a member of the Horror Writers Association and former speaker as a survivor for Streetlight USA. Currently, my short stories can be found in multiple anthologies including As Cocky as They Come and As Wicked as They Come.

My free time is spent playing with my two large dogs, studying serial killers and mass murderers, ghost hunting, visiting haunted locations around my hometown in Mesa, Arizona, and being a member of the AZ Haunters and creating promotional and other such projects for my fellow authors.

My novella, Answer It, is my little pride and joy story at the moment. It started as a paranoid dream that transitioned into a paranoid day, ending as my husband and I took our dogs for a walk and he asked why I was so quiet, a question he likely dreads asking now, and ended with his demand that I write the story.


When the Devil comes knocking, a choice must be made
Rachel’s home was her sanctuary, until the thunderous battering at her door began. She doesn't know what is causing the banging—there's never anyone in sight. And it's getting worse with every passing day. Deep scratches appear on her door, gashes no one can explain. Impossible destruction leaves her sanity stretched thin.
Something is determined to get her, she has become the prey hiding in her den and praying that this… thing, whatever it is that leaves scorched hoof prints and deep gashes as its calling card, never makes it inside.
Left to her own strength and fleeting sanity, Rachel will have to stand and face her demon, or die trying.

Here’s an excerpt:

Startled, she dropped her phone and stared at the rattling door. The pounding grew to a rapid, constant noise, as if a freight train were passing through her porch. A metallic grinding sent daggers through her ears, slicing against every nerve; jagged nails against an old chalkboard.
The doorknob twisted.
Rachel grabbed the knob tight and struggled to keep hold of the lock as the door shook, bucking against her. Someone wanted in and they were willing to break whatever got in their way.
She let out a scream and pushed with every ounce of her strength. In her grasp, the lock turned. The bolt did little to stop the shaking, but the lock prevented the doorknob from turning.
The door buckled in, warping under the weight of whatever was outside striking against the solid wood.
Rachel fell over herself as she raced down the hall to her room, dialing nine-one-one as fast as her fingers could manage.
“Emergency Dispatch, what is the nature of your emergency?”
“Hello?” Rachel shouted over the noise. “I need help!”
“What’s happening?”
“I don’t know! Someone is try—”
A deafening blast as if someone had fired a high caliber rifle next to her ear echoed through the room. She heard a deafening, unending ring that enveloped her, causing her to lose focus.
“Ma’am? What is your location? Ma’am? Ma’am!”

Answer It is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

ASIN: B07ZKB3PFL ISBN: 9780463185308 It is available through Amazon: As well as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBook, Sribd, and Smashwords.

For information on new releases, appearances, signings, and other such events, please visit me at I am also on as rcrescent, feel free to friend me!

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