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Fragments: a tiny piece of my wip; The NIght Was Not

This is a little bit on my novel in progress, "The Night Was Not." The first bit is just a little context:

Kerry Hazard thought he had escaped the city of Margrave as a child. He stowed away on an airship and thought he was free. Yet, years later, as Captain of his own ship, unfinished business drags him back.

Jace Seabring, a man Kerry could have loved, turns up dead in one of the filthy canals in the old city, under mysterious circumstances. Driven by thoughts of what might have been, and a stab of guilt sharpened by grief, Kerry returns, looking for answers. He starts with the journal, which Jace kept right up to the end. Its pages lead Kerry to the strange and sinister Doctor Chenney’s Alchemic Theater. Will he fall into the same traps as Jace, or will he find out who is responsible for his death?

Excerpt from Jace Seabring's journal: The more time I spend in Rusch's presence, the more I realize how much we have in common. Rusch would disagree with me, as would his creator, Doctor Chenney. And truly, Rusch's skin, the color of ash, and sharp teeth should be proof. I know that Rusch is not human, but I believe we share the same emotions.

Though our experiences are different, Rusch and I share one thing, perhaps the most important thing. We both suffer from loneliness. We both feel isolated, though at least I have Ryan, my greatest friend, to rely on. Rusch seems to have no one to trust, no one to talk to even.

Until now. Doctor has assigned me to be Rusch’s keeper, I suppose. But we make very good friends, instead. I told Rusch my story of how I found my true love on an airship, and how he left me here, stranded in a strange city to make my way alone. Rusch was fascinated with the notion of flying and heartbroken for me at the end of my story.

I thought I was still heartbroken too, and that the wound that I thought I would carry open and aching my whole life had calloused over and Captain Kerry Hazard a memory.

But more importantly, I heard the longing in Rusch’s voice when we talked about flying, and I knew then that Rusch deserves to be free of this place and all the Doctor's demands.

I may not have an airship, but I have decided I will find a way to get Rusch away from here.

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