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Hesitation: Breaking Heaven

Lorenzo Fuststano on Unsplash


The sequel to "Speak My Name," is alarmingly close to done. It's called "Breaking Heaven."

When Speak my Name ended, MIca and Frank escaped the wrath of the devil, for the moment. They have their happy for now, but what happens to Ithuriel, and Lucifer?

Here's an excerpt

“We could make this place ours, Ithuriel,” Lucifer said, suddenly, and his light, just a ghost of what he had once been, illuminated all the corners of the bar. “It would be so easy.”

Ithuriel concentrated on whipping his counter down. “Did you enjoy ruling in hell?”

“Should I have not?”

“I’m asking, did you?” Ithuriel looked past the glamour hard. It peeled back like the skin of a snake.

“It was hell.” There was no amusement in Lucifer’s answer. “So, no.”

“But you love it here.”

“I do.”

“Then you should leave it alone, Morning Star. Try to own it and you’ll just make another hell. You can’t help but be the ruin of what you touch.” Ithuriel spoke it all in a rush.

“Even you?”

Especially me, Ithuriel thought, feeling it twist inside him. But he told Morning Star the truth. “No, I was ruined long ago. That’s why we fit.”

They sound very angsty, I know. I love these characters. They've been in my head for a long time, and I'm happy that I'm getting to tell the rest of Ithuriel's story. I feel like I owe him that.

Now, here's the problem. I'm at the very end. The next-to-last scene is done, and I can see what's going to happen next. And... And...

It keeps not happening. I've been finding all sorts of reasons to go back and fix things-start re-writing, you know, "right now, while I"m thinking about it, because what if I forget?"

Or worse, I keep trying to talk myself out of it. "Nobody will buy this, will they? I mean, that's if they even read it...".

Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself, but I know, deep down, it's not why I keep hesitating. No, it's the end. I'm sad. I'm going to miss these people. Sounds crazy, I know, but I don't want to let them go. But rest assured, I will. Maybe it won't be this afternoon, but it's gonna be soon. I promise.

Besides, I keep telling myself that if I don't finish this one, I won't ever get to write the next one. So, soon, I"m going to let go of Breaking Heaven. I promise. But be gentle with me for a while, okay? Endings are hard.

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