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I'm at the end. But I'm not done. (and a small excerpt)

This is the day. I've finally gotten to the end. the actual end. Of the big novel. I'm not done with it. I'm going to start with chapter one tomorrow, filling gaps, fixing dumb sentences. dealing with time paradoxes, and not the fun kind. After all this time, I know what the novel is about, but now I need to make it makes sense.

This is where I usually falter. Right here. The do-over stage. The let go of that idea that you really like but aren't able to work out stage.

In the attempt to hold myself accountable, I'm going to give you another tiny excerpt, this time of the end. Just a little. this is the part where our hero? Kerry attempts the rescue of the creature? Rusch. They are almost free of theater that Rusch has spent his whole life in:

Heat licked back into Rusch's face.

Kerry said, “We’ve got to go now. This place is old. It will burn to ashes before anyone thinks to try to save it.”

Rusch hesitated on the threshold, even with flames spreading around them. Was he frightened? Without Doctor, was he able to do it?

Kerry caught his hand, “Rusch?”

“I’ve never set foot on a city street before.” He admitted.

Kerry chuckled, then put his free hand to his lips as though he regretted it. “It’s easy. And slightly better than being burned alive.”

The rest of the exhibits would burn. He didn’t suppose they were ever really alive, but they were still his siblings. Still, he let Kerry lead him away into the dawn.

More about Rusch, Kerry, the Doctor, and the fire soon. I'm finished, but I'm not done.

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