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This is a collection of stories about being lost, and being found. They are myths retold through the lens of a new century. Here you’ll find a koi-girl and her grandfather, living in a stream in the mountains of Tennessee, waiting to become more. There are a pair of bickering celestials in a dive bar that exists in any city in the world, at any given time. A guardian of the moon, out of a job, and trying to care for his daughter the best he can on the streets of Flint Michigan. Angels, fairies, vampires, and junkies fill these pages, but most of all, magic.

These stories are all special to me. From "Dust", about Tinkerbell and Peter Pan's life in a carnival that travels the south-west, to "Wings of Brothers," which proves that sometimes going home is not an option, each one represents a space in my life. Hence the name of the collection "Psychic Surgery." I feel as though short stories are snapshots into the writer's brain.

The oldest one in this collection "End Of An Era,"began with a sweltering car ride in a Pinto, in Los Angels. The conversation was about Errol Flynn, earthquakes, and the possibilities that could rise and evaporate on a dime in that town.

The newest is only a few years old. Winter in the mid-west is getting harsher and colder, and spring is full of false starts. At the time, I was re-reading Angela Carter's "Bloody Chamber." That dark spring, all Carter's beautiful images got into my brain. What leaked out was "Snowless."

I love the magic that you see from the corner of our eyes, at the fringes of our perception. That's what these stories are about. I want the everyday world to b filled with it. I want every street I turn down to become the unexpected road.

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