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New Flash Out in The World

I'm so excited! My flash piece, "Edge Of Life," Is finally in print at Every Day Fiction. You can find it here. This story is one of the shortest I've done so far, and it was written in the first year of the pandemic. one of the side effects, for me on COVID, was that I slept very little that year. Just me and my cat Henri, and my notebook in the endless night. I've had mild insomnia my whole life, but this was apocalyptic insomnia. "Edge Of Life" was one of the stories that came out of that feeling of slipping away and being left behind all at the same time.

But Henri and my notebook got me through that years, and this story taught me the trick of boiling stories down until they are nothing but a feeling set in a moment in time.

Here's the real-life Henri, the best of the good boys.

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