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October is Almost Here!! (and so is my next book)

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Before time began, Frank was an Angel who followed his beloved Lucifer into battle. They were defeated, Frank lost his wings and was cast downward. He’s been falling ever since. Now he’s the sole tender of Darks, a bar at the edge of reality that is owned by hell. He longs for the company of his brother demons, the scorch of Lucifer’s heat. Instead he spends his nights serving drinks, tempting souls. Every night that passes is the same night. Each human that stumbles in is the same. Lost. Desperate.

Mica is neither of those things. Human, but able to see through Frank to all his true forms. Mica seems sure of what he wants; not a savior, not an annihilator of souls. He wants Frank.

But Frank is still tethered to Lucifer and hell, and he knows that demons are made for destruction, torment, not love. Until Mica touches him, he’s never wanted for more. For Frank to find the humanity he needs to return Mica’s love, he must travel back to the depths of hell to break the bond Lucifer set in his heart. But when he gets there, Lucifer has already released Frank. Now his attention is fixed on Mica’s soul.

I am really excited to say that Speak My Name will be out as an ebook on October first, and will be available for pre-order in a few days. The paperback will soon follow.

This novella is the story of Frank, the demon that tends bar at a place called Darks, and what happens to him when he meets Mica, who is human, but has a very old soul. If Frank sounds familiar, it' s because he appears, with his counterpart, the angel Ithuriel, in a pair of tales in Psychic Surgery, my collection of short stories. If Frank doesn't sound familiar, then by all means, check out those stories here.

Also, look at this fabulous cover! It was created for me by the extremely talented Kayla Langmaid. She, and her co-writer, Tiffanie Shaw have both been a great help to me in publishing books this past year. Encouragement, and technical help (I need a ton of both). They are working on a series of books called Ruins of War. You can check out their books here.

I will post the link for preorder for Speak My Name here very soon!!

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