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Wondering what I'm working on now? This is the place for updates, story snippets, title and cover reveals. 

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When Kerry Hazard escaped the workhouse in the treacherous city of Margrave, he was a sick child who had never had any family. The one thing he was sure of was that he would never ever go back. 


Years later the death of a lover demands his presence in Margrave. Investigating 

 Jace's death leads Kerry to Doctor Chenney's Alchemic Theatre. He expects

only humbugs among the Doctor's exhibits but instead finds Rusch, a strange creature of captivating beauty. 

Suddenly Kerry has another reason to be in Margrave.  

More to come...

Beige Polaroid Scrapbook Mother's Day Vi

In "Speak My Name," the Angel Ithuriel made the decision to help the demonic bartender, Frank get the redemption he longed for. 

Maybe as payback for the wings Ithuriel took from him in the Fall, or maybe just because somebody should have a  chance at happiness.. 

But that leaves Ithuriel right where he has been since the beginning of time: At Dark's, the bar that caters to teetering souls.

Alone in the sea of mortals. Then Lucifer re-appears. They are two broken Angels, but in Lucifer's carnival-glass eyes, Ithruiel can see the light of a different kind of redemption: his own.

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