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Same old thing, in brand new drag. (my word of the year post)

This one's actually been cooking since late September of last year. I'm sure it surprises no one that I would choose to spend my birthday with Bowie.

Moonage Daydream was a milestone for me. It was the first movie I'd ventured out to see in three years. And worth every second of it.

But I won't talk about Bowie in this post, though I am writing it on the day between his birthday and the anniversary of his death.

No this is my STARTING OVER post for the year. Somehow between last September and now, things have gotten away from me. Words have been slipping out of my grasp, and I can't even tell you why. For the first time in my life, I've gone weeks without thinking to write.

So, now, it's mid-January, and I'm finally sitting at a table, looking at all the unfinished things that live in my computer. I've come to realize that words will never come to me as fast as many of the other writers I know. That's okay. When they come, I have to pay attention. Maybe the end of the year is always going to feel like losing ground. Maybe it's supposed to. But this is the new year. it's clean, a time to pick up all the threads, and put them back together. Give the stories that are waiting for an end. So my goal for this year is to keep my momentum up throughout the whole year. My word? Oh yeah, I think my word for the year is TIME. I think about it passing a lot. The next step is to fill it more efficiently.

Why did I start with a Bowie picture? Because thinking of him always makes me feel hopeful.

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